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Italian Eucalyptus Honey


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Eucalyptus honey also carries out its beneficial activity on the airways and respiratory system, carrying out a precise antiseptic action.

Again from an antiseptic point of view, eucalyptus honey is also used for the treatment of the urinary and intestinal systems.

Eucalyptus honey is mainly produced by two distinct plant species: Eucalyptus Camaldulensis (which flowers in July-August) and Eucalyptus Occidentalis (which flowers in September). The honey produced in summer is lighter in color and has a more delicate taste. The one produced in September has more marked characteristics.

Eucalyptus honey belongs to the group of very aromatic honeys with an intense aroma reminiscent of liquorice. The crystallization is fine and compact, very pleasant on the palate.

Therapeutic properties and benefits of eucalyptus honey:

Eucalyptus honey can boast a large number of antispasmodic and catarrh-fighting properties.

It is a honey that is held in particular consideration due to the fact that it is also able to carry out important emollient and calming activities. Especially with regard to an ailment as widespread during the winter season as coughing.

Food that has the ability to carry out a rather important beneficial action to eradicate cystitis that forms in the urinary level.

We must not forget how eucalyptus honey is also used quite frequently as a real vermifuge and healing agent for the treatment of diseases affecting the mouth.


Eucalyptus honey pairs very well, by affinity, with mature cheeses with a penetrating flavour, such as Parmigiano Reggiano or pecorino.



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