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Functional products in cosmetics: from beekeeping to medicinal plants

Functional products provide benefits to our body especially when they are combined to enhance properties and effectiveness. An example? the combination of the properties of honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly with medicinal plants.

Functional products can be defined as such when have a positive influence on physiological functions or, more simply, on well being physical and psychological nature of people. And without any doubt, what contributes to making our body feel good is the incessant work of bees with the important properties of its products.
Honey, propolis, pollen or Royal jelly they all have important characteristics that can be an aid and support for the care of the health and beauty of our body.
At the same time, when combined with medicinal plants they give life to a large variety of functional products that amplify the benefits of creams, serums, balms, sunscreens or many products used in natural cosmetics.

Functional medicinal plants

Officinal plants have been known and used since ancient times for their healing properties.
Their plant extracts they are rich in active principles which are used both in the production of medicinal and healing, aromatic and perfume substances and as sanitizing and cosmetic products for the body, face and hair.
According to the WHO, theWorld Health Organization, over 7,000 medical compounds are derived from plants helping to supply the active ingredients used in many of today's pharmaceuticals.
At the beginning of the sixteenth century, with the increase in commercial exchanges and the spread of printing, the first were born illustrated herbaria that we all still know and appreciate today.
These became a point of reference for many experts. But the most important example of the use of an active ingredient of medicinal herbs in the laboratory is related to the synthesis of aspirin, obtained starting from the present principle in the medicinal herb Spirea. Today, all of us (but also science and medicine) are aware of thethe importance of natural remedies, friends of our body.

The active ingredients

There are many medicinal plants. Among the best known are aloe, calendula, lavender, mallow, thyme, chamomile, arnica, devil's claw, blackcurrant and dog rose.  
The active ingredients are generally found in certain parts of the plant. Parts that are used as decoctions, infusions or essential oils or compresses in phytotherapy but above all they are used as functional substances in cosmetic products. Each medicinal plant has specific positive effects that can be combined with the products of the hive and used in apico-cosmetics with very satisfactory results and many benefits.

From functional substances to apicosmetics

Among the beneficial substances are i flavonoids with antioxidant functions; The alkaloids, i polyphenols capable of counteracting cellular aging caused by free radicals and at the same time performing an astringent action; the terpenoids which characterize the essential oils most used in cosmetics and are responsible for the odors and scents of flowers and plants such as camphor or menthol.
These are just some of the many functional substances and when our body is treated with functional products based on beehive products and medicinal herbs capable of amplifying the body's receptivity to the treatment not only are concrete results obtained but to these are added always a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Nature is always our greatest supporter: it helps us feel good inside and out!

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