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face cleansing

Facial cleansing: all the steps for healthy and beautiful skin

Facial cleansing is the first step to take care of your facial skin and keep it healthy and young for longer. How and how to do it?

Facial cleansing is a fundamental gesture to keep your skin beautiful, luminous and healthy. But to make this happen it is equally important that it becomes a daily gesture: accurate and regular but above all suitable for your skin type. This is why it is important to know the steps, step by step, and know how and when to clean your face to enjoy all the benefits whether you are young or more mature.

Facial cleansing: what is it for?

Cleansing your face serves to cleanse the skin. It may seem obvious or trivial but if you go through it correctly clean your face it is useful for much more. Washing your face by carefully choosing the consistency and active ingredients of the products helps oxygenate the skin thus increasing cell turnover and improving blood circulation. All factors that combined together, are capable of slow down the skin aging process. The greater oxygenation and lower accumulation of dead cells then acts directly on the absorption of ingredients, making subsequent treatments even more useful. Daily cleansing makes the skin firmer and more elastic bright And healthy. Improves the complexion and at the same time, thethorough hygiene counteracts the formation of blackheads, contains acne and skin blemishes.

Cleansing and removing make-up from the face: what are the differences

Cleansing your face and removing make-up are not exactly the same thing! Removing make-up does not mean having a perfectly clean face without sebum or dead cells. 
Facial cleansing is something different than the need to just remove makeup and aims to protect the skin going deeper. It must be done several times a day. In the morning, in fact, water alone is not enough to eliminate all the residues of impurities and sebum accumulated during the night, particularly in oilier skin, or to hydrate, stimulating oxygenation, drier or more sensitive skin. In the evening, then, one is always recommended double cleansing to first eliminate make-up residues and then smog residues and any impurities. So, make-up or no make-up, cleansing is the first and last daily gesture to perform!

Facial cleansing: the steps

To obtain perfectly clean skin, the first step is to choose the cleanser suited to your skin type. In fact, to ensure that cleansing is effective, it is not only necessary to use products that are not aggressive in any way but above all, it is important to identify dermocompatible and functional substances for facial skin. A well-balanced cleansing requires products that are well formulated. This is because an aggressive choice risks damaging the natural barrier that protects the skin layer and altering the natural hydration factor of the skin (NMF, Natural Moisturizing Factor) which contributes to maintaining the acidity of the skin pH.

The epidermis and the type of product

A skin-compatible product also adapts to the skin type in its formulation. Oily skin needs a product balancing and pore astringent with a foamy consistency like cleansing mousse, simple to apply and effective. If the skin, on the other hand, is very dry or sensitive, the creamy and delicate consistency of cleansing milk is suitable. The main function of the tonic, however, is that of complete facial cleansing. But the tonic, in addition to removing any residues on the skin, performs another fundamental function. It helps to restore the pH of the skin continuously subjected to stress and eliminate any limescale residues contained in the water when rinsing the face and neck. The scrub, however, which literally means deep cleaning, not only purifies but stimulates the growth of new cells. In fact, although the cells of the epidermis continue to regenerate naturally as we age, stress and the many external factors, such as pollution and UV rays, can slow down this process. The consequence is dull, dull skin and an increase in blemishes. A natural scrub once or twice a week can be a fundamental ally thanks to the presence of particles that help exfoliate the skin without attacking.

Apicocosmetics for the well-being of the skin

The use of honey in cosmetics it has ancient origins. Not only is it pleasant but it has emollient properties And nutrients. It counteracts skin redness, regulates sebum and is very useful against dehydration, so much so that it is essential for softness and tissue elasticity. In addition to honey, bees produce other substances beneficial to the skin such as propolis which is highly skin purifying. Or the bee venom or the bees to which it is recognized an important relaxing and lifting action. Indeed, it stimulates the production of collagen together with that of elastin and firms the epidermis for a natural plumping effect. It is also used in creams to combat impurities and acne because eliminates inflammation.
Everyone the products of the hive they have characteristics and active ingredients that fully meet the needs of cleansing and cleansing the face. They are natural and suitable for all skin types even more so when combined with other functional substances.

Between active ingredients and functional substances

The active ingredients help to improve and get a quality product while a functional substance guarantees a response to specific needs. To get products for facial cleansing with specific, targeted and effective actions, the combination of both factors is essential. In fact, functional substances possess important characteristics. In addition to the hydrating, soothing, antibacterial and calming functions, the toning one stands out for firm and toned skin. But also, the antioxidant function which hinders the formation of free radicals, responsible for skin aging.

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