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bee venom

Bee venom: everything you need to know

Bee venom is increasingly considered a real innovation capable of bringing many benefits to people. But its properties have been recognized and used since ancient times. Let's see together how it is extracted without causing harm to bees and how it is used in natural cosmetics.

Bee venom, or apitoxin, is a substance produced by bees. Known for centuries, it is used by bees themselves to defend themselves but also to mark their territory or communicate with other bees. Hippocrates, father of medicine, was already using it in 400 BC and called it Arcanum.
It's about a liquid substance with an aromatic smell that many compare to that of ripe bananas. It is produced by glands present in the abdomen of worker bees and expelled through the sting or sting. Used in apitherapy, mainly for relieve muscle pain and rheumatism, today, thanks to modern techniques that protect bees, it is present in cosmetics as natural product And biocompatible with multiple benefits and to counteract many blemishes.

How is apitoxin extracted?

To extract bee venom, naturally and without causing any damage to the bees, the secretion is stimulated without them having to sting. A very delicate process that the expert beekeeper can carry out in different ways.
One of the most common methods is the use of a special glass plate with small holes, which is placed on top of the hive. When the bees pass through the holes, the poison is left on the surface of the sheet where it is then collected.
A second method involves the use of a plate that emits very light electric discharges, gently stimulating the bees that approach to release drops of poison. This technique does not harm the bees as it does not allow the sting to penetrate. Furthermore, it is essential that it is not used too frequently, so as not to disturb the bees themselves.
The respect for nature it is always the priority. The poison is extracted from isolated bee families, numbering up to 90,000 individuals. The stimulation operation does not exceed 15 minutes and is repeated after a few days and a few more times. Afterwards, the birth of a new generation of worker bees with well-developed venom glands is expected. Each method requires time and a lot of care.

What properties does bee venom have?

Bee venom is used in natural cosmetics as an ingredient with a lifting and Botox-like action. In fact, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It has astringent properties and the ability to relax the muscles present in the dermis. Mainly, bee venom is made up of histamine (among the chemical mediators of inflammation), melittina (active protein), phospholipase A (enzyme that hydrolyzes phospholipids), hyaluronidase And apamine. With the exception of specific cases or sensitization, bee venom has no negative effects on the skin.

Natural skin protector

In general, apitoxin stimulates the cell regeneration and the production of collagen fibers through melittin which carries out an action vasodilator. This means that bee venom not only plumps the skin but helps reduce acne scars or blemishes. Protects the epidermis and promotes oxygenation. The skin immediately appears toned, fresh and relaxed.

Natural anti-wrinkle and more

Bee venom is particularly effective in creams and especially as anti aging serum. Apamin, in fact, is a muscle relaxant that acts on wrinkles and expression lines by penetrating deeply. Not only does it relax them but it gives a completely natural "filler" effect.
But its benefits are not only useful for creating facial cosmetics. Bee venom is also increasingly used in body care products. In fact, it has properties that hydrate and help elasticize and tone the skin.
Used in innovative and increasingly functional formulas, bee venom is a valuable component from the quality cosmetics.

Discover the benefits of bee venom body cream and the benefits like natural exfoliator

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