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natural solid soap

Using natural solid soap is a step towards sustainability

Using solid, natural soap over the more common liquid soaps is an option that is gaining more and more popularity. Let's find out what the advantages are and how to choose the most suitable soap for your skin type.

In recent years, thanks to the fear of ever closer climate change, there has been an increase in people looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. And in fact, the choice to use a solid soap, natural or vegetable, turns out to be more ecological. The bar soap, unlike many liquid products, is part of a use close to the zero waste philosophy and is, at the same time, the right equilibrium, between savings and duration.
A change in favor of the environment that not only reduces the amount of waste produced, but also offers a series of advantages.

Environmentally friendly solid soap

As mentioned, using a bar of soap means being more respectful of the environment and eco-sustainable. It reduces or eliminates theuse of plastics in favor of often minimal and space-saving packaging.
Furthermore, most of the solid production is made with particular attention to the natural.
The products, in the majority of cases, are formulated solely with natural 100% substances and natural preservatives such as essential oils. Furthermore, the solid and compact consistency of the soap bars means that, in addition to being made up of the raw material alone, they contain very little water. This allows you to have a product rich in active principles effective on the skin.

Not just green, the advantages of solid soap

Switching to solid, natural soaps is a small change that can make a big difference. Here are some advantages compared to liquid or more commercial products:
They last longer.
For the same quantity of product used they have one higher concentration of active ingredients which make them more effective in the cleansing phases.
I am aesthetically beautiful to be seen thanks to the shapes with which they can be made and the natural colors.
Many solid soaps are made with higher amounts of natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, butters and essential oils, which are gentler on the skin.
Yes they can to carry much easier on the plane than liquid contents which do not always pass the airport check-in.

How to choose the right soap

The choice of soap is closely linked to the needs of the skin as well as, of course, personal preferences. Furthermore, natural solid soaps are perfect not only for cleansing the hands but also for cleansing the body and the beauty routine of the face and neck.  
There sensitive skin is looking for soaps with delicate ingredients such asaloe vera or Beeswax, which can soothe and calm redness. While avoiding artificial fragrances or dyes that can cause irritation.

There oily skin opt for purifying and rebalancing properties such as propolis which helps remove excess sebum without overdrying the skin. Particularly useful are soaps with antibacterial essential oils such as lavender to fight acne and pimples thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties for the skin.
While one dry skin needs soaps rich in hydrating oils such asolive oil And honey which helps nourish the skin. Particularly useful for smoothing and revitalizing the skin are the jojoba microspheres, for example, which have an exfoliating action and do not irritate the skin.

Using a solid bar of soap also offers a more engaging sensory experience than simply dispensing liquid soap. The rich, creamy lather of solid soaps can make bathing or showering more enjoyable and relaxing. For a rich, creamy foam, soaps with ingredients such as shea butter are suitable.

How to use solid soap

There are a series of precautions to consider for correct use of soap. A useful tip is to wet the bar of soap and pass it between your hands to form the foam to then distribute on the body or face, avoiding immediate direct contact with the skin both for hygienic reasons and because in this way less soap is used than necessary.
After each use the bar of soap works rinsed under water to remove traces of dirt and prevent contamination, particularly if it is used by multiple people.
The soap goes kept as dry as possible, not resting on a flat, damp surface like the sink or shower counter, but on a soap dish with holes in it to allow the bar of soap to dry and drain.

Exist many varieties of solid soaps that adapt to needs but also to personal preferences.

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