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Cough sweets and sore throat: the remedy comes from the beehive

Among the many cough sweets, those with natural products such as honey and propolis give natural relief and are pleasantly tasty.

Cough or sore throat sweets have always been a precious ally. A relief in moments of discomfort and when in front of other people they are our "lifesaver" against coughing. The touch of comfort that allows you to keep your voice crisp and clear and interact with those close to you.
Among the many offers and possibilities, a perfect combination Between relief And natural benefits is represented by sweets made from products of thehive
Bees, with their tireless work, offer us a treasure of nutrients and beneficial substances that are used in a wide range of natural products. The sweets that allow you to overcome coughs and relieve inflammation of the throat are an example of how nature is able to offer pleasant and at the same time therapeutic solutions.

From candy to cough candy

The first “candies” were made of solidified honey or molasses. However, the specific use of hive products has even deeper roots. Honey and other hive products were used for therapeutic purposes already in ancient Egypt and Greek civilization. They were appreciated, especially for theirs healing properties. Over time, their use and benefits such as the effectiveness in soothing sore throats and reducing coughs have spread, giving rise to popular candy preparations based on honey, propolis or royal jelly.
Today, thanks to progress in production and in formulation, candies come in a wide range of variations, each with their own specific characteristics and benefits. Thus, from the wisdom of ancient traditions with ever-increasing contemporary research, they represent a natural and safe remedy to relieve the discomfort caused by respiratory diseases.

The beneficial properties of beehive candies

How are honey, propolis, royal jelly and beeswax used and why are they good for you?
The Honey, known for its antimicrobial and soothing properties, is the main ingredient in many cough drops. Its sweet, sticky texture creates a protective coating on the throat. Reduces irritation and relieves dry cough.
There Propolis it is rich in flavonoids and other antioxidant compounds that support the immune system and thus help fight infections.
There Royal jelly, known as queen bee food, is a substance rich in vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that can help strengthen the immune system and reduce fatigue.
There Beeswax, used as a thickener in sweets, has emollient and protective properties, which help maintain the consistency of sweets and soothe irritated throats.

Why they are effective: the advantages

Beehive-based candies are made with natural ingredients, free of harsh chemicals. They are, therefore, safe to use for the whole family, also for children.
Thanks to the soothing properties of honey and propolis, these candies are particularly effective in reducing throat irritation and pain caused by persistent cough or inflammation. The presence of propolis and royal jelly helps to strengthen the body's natural defenses, helping it to fight infections and prevent the risk of seasonal diseases. Unlike pharmaceutical sweets, which often have an unpleasant taste, these sweets offer a sweet and pleasant taste, which makes their use more pleasant.

The importance of natural extracts in sweets

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of using natural ingredients in candy and other food products. This trend has led to the rediscovery of natural flavours, which offer not only a more authentic taste, but also benefits for health and the environment.
Natural extracts help improve the taste making it authentic, tasty and at the same time, capture the complexity and freshness of the original ingredients.
From berries to spices like turmeric, ginger, from aromatic herbs such as mint to the rhubarb up to floral and fruity fragrances, the possibilities are practically endless. Natural extracts, oils and flavors combined with honey or propolis in candies is a positive trend towards more sustainable, authentic and healthy food production. A genuine and natural taste.

How to choose cough drops

The origin and quality of the ingredients is fundamental. It is always better to choose sweets made with high quality ingredients, preferably from local and reliable beekeepers. The concentration of active ingredients is also important. The higher the concentration, the more effective the candy will be. The shape and taste must not be outdone. Pick out candy with a taste that pleases and a shape that is comfortable to chew, so that you can use them easily throughout the day is equally important.
Sweets made from beehive products represent a natural and effective choice to combat the typical discomfort of respiratory diseases. But they are also a sweet remedy to always have on hand during the cold season.

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