Make your own ultra-brightening and relaxing face mask

With our advice and a little time at your disposal, you can give your facial skin a simple but really effective treatment.

The ultra-brightening and relaxing face mask is very useful to restore new light, vitality and nourishment to the skin. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

To make your beauty mask you must have:

Honey (preferably acacia): nourishes and restores shine to the skin.

Pollen: multivitamin, acts as a real antidote against wrinkles.

Coconut oil: a silky and nourishing oil, gives softness to the skin.

Preparation doses:

In a small glass pebble put two tablespoons of acacia honey and add a tablespoon of coconut oil (if the coconut oil is very solid it should be dissolved by putting the bottle containing the oil in a double boiler in hot water).
Finally, add a tablespoon of pollen (better if it is pulverized with an electric chopper) but if it is not possible to pulverize it, no problem, the pollen grains will act as a natural scrub.

Your ultra brightening and relaxing face mask is ready to be applied. Follow the instructions for use to have an increasingly effective result.

Usage tips:

We remind you that, at the basis of a beautiful and healthy skin, the right facial cleansing is a determining factor.
To cleanse the face it is recommended to choose an Apinfiore soap based on the type of skin:
Propolis soap for oily and impure skin
Honey and olive oil soap for young and / or sensitive skin
Honey soap and royal jelly for very dry or mature skin.

After cleansing with soap, we recommend the use of Facial toner Apinfiore, ideal for all skin types, based on Propolis, Olive Extract, Distilled Water of Hamamelis and Lavender which in addition to eliminating dead skin cells, is a very beneficial soothing, toning and revitalizing treatment, a true beauty lotion.

Now, that your skin is clean and well-cleansed, you can apply your ultra-brightening and relaxing face mask two or three times a month, after a deep facial cleansing, initially massage a few minutes then leave it on for 20/25 min. Then rinse with warm water.

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