Bee pollen: because it is a good habit to use it

Bee pollen is less known than royal jelly and propolis but it is certainly among the products richest in vitamins, especially those of groups A, B and C but also in mineral salts, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants. The active ingredients it contains make it a natural tonic able to energize and fight the states of vitamin deficiency.

Visible pollen has a granular shape and is slightly sticky. Each granule contains properties present in different forms based on the flower from which it originates: from vitamins to mineral salts as we said. The bees that take care of the harvest up to the hive are called foragers. Also the color can vary according to the place and the flower of origin.

Restorative action of pollen

Bee pollen is used as nutritional supplement and is widely used in sports for its richness in minerals, vitamins and amino acids. In fact, it is the natural alternative to multivitamin and multimineral supplements. Useful for sportsmen also thanks to the contribution protein and to stimulate the metabolism in diets to lose weight as well as being a valid contribution to restore the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora.

How to use bee pollen

Fasting before breakfast or between meals, these are the best times to consume pollen. It can be consumed on its own with any drink or with a spoonful of honey to improve taste and flavor. The doses can vary from gram to 10 grams per day, according to different needs. It can also be used for long periods and in particular, in the change of seasons or when physical activity and sports are carried out continuously.

Bee pollen in natural cosmetics

Pollen as a multivitamin, acts as a real antidote against wrinkles. It is used as an ingredient in natural and functional cosmetics and as a skin tonic or it can be used in granules to create an illuminating and relaxing face mask to restore light and vitality to the skin of the face or body such as the one proposed in the our column.

A natural product with many benefits for different needs. The Apinfiore one is produced in Italy.

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