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Beeswax candles the magic of Christmas

Beeswax candles: the magic of Christmas

Beeswax candles are charming, creative and full of symbolism. The perfect combination between the aesthetics of handmade and the beauty of a natural and versatile material.

The Christmas it's like the most awaited party of the year, where everything is in celebration: traditions are renewed, the lights they are sparkling and theatmosphere she is joyful. But there is one element that, more than any other, can transform the environment and add a magical touch to parties: the candle.
And among all candles, beeswax ones have a special charm not only because they add warmth and light to the holidays, but above all because they bring with them, a history ancient and one symbology universal that is perfectly intertwined with the Christmas spirit.

The properties of beeswax candles

Beeswax is an amazing material and is known to burn slower and cleaner than other types of wax. Produces one very bright flame and at the same time releases a particularly pleasant scent. Beeswax is natural, versatile and has various properties.
The flame, for example, in addition to being much cleaner than other waxes, produces much less smoke and residue.
During combustion, the scent that is released, in addition to being delicate and natural, is capable of perfume the environment without the addition of oils or artificial fragrances.
It is a very resistant wax and this makes it perfect for producing candles that last longer than others. Its consistency can be manipulated very well and many shapes and textures with artistic and decorative value can be created.
Beeswax then has a natural color that can vary from shades of light yellow to brown. 
Furthermore, it has purifying properties in the environment and helps both reduce the accumulation of allergens and improve air quality. And it's eco-friendly. In fact, as a natural and renewable material, beeswax is considered an eco-friendly option for the production of both candles and other products.

Universal symbolism

Beeswax has a thousand-year history. Ancient civilizations knew their benefits and used candles in sacred rituals. In countries like the Greece and theEgypt, beeswax candles were used during holidays in honor of the deities. In Italy, especially in the northern regions but not only, they are still used today with handcrafted Christmas decorations, with different shapes and colors depending on local traditions.
The symbolism of candles is universal and their role during Christmas goes beyond simple lighting. In Christian culture, the candle represents the light of the world.
But candles also have deep meanings in many other traditions.
In Japan, during the festival called Tanabata, star lighting, people beyond lanterns also display candles outside their homes to guide the spirits of their ancestors.
In Sweden, during the celebration of Saint Lucia, on December 13th, girls dressed in white carry lit candles as a sign of light to chase away the darkness.
In the Christmas tradition, they are also a reminder of the Star that guided the Three Wise Men, a symbol of hope and a new beginning.

Artisan traditions and Sustainability

Beeswax candles are not only symbols of tradition and spirituality, but also examples of sustainability. The production of these natural candles does not require the same industrial processes as synthetic ones, thus reducing the environmental impact.
In Latin America, the indigenous communities they produce beeswax candles as part of their artisan tradition. A way to preserve ancient techniques.
Giving beeswax candles during Christmas is a gesture of respect for nature, for traditions and of sharing universal values of peace and hope.
Moreover, today there are a lot of them decorative. Among the most popular shapes are the pillar, spiral and flower-shaped candles, while the Christmas ones include the tree or fir tree, the star and the nativity scene.

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