Apinfiore Loyalty Points

From 25 March 2021 it is active automatically the collection of points for all customers registered on the website www.apinfiore.com

Account required

To start earning loyalty points you must be registered on the website www.apinfiore.com, we therefore recommend that you create an account on our website before or during your next order.
You can create an account here: https://www.apinfiore.com/mio-account

How points collection works

  • The number of points is calculated on the subtotal of each order (handling costs and shipping costs excluded).
  • For each EURO spent, the customer gets 1 loyalty point, the number of accumulated points will be visible in his own reserved area.
  • Every 10 points accumulated you get 1 Euro discount.

Warning! The discount is not automatic

How to redeem your points

  • The minimum threshold for redeeming accumulated points is 100 points which correspond to € 10 discount.
  • To redeem the points, simply access your reserved area and from the my points section generate a coupon based on the amount of points you intend to scale.

Example of procedure: I have 125 points accumulated> I choose to deduct only 110 points> I generate a coupon of 11 € > I use the coupon generated in the next order

Expiry of points and coupons

  • The accumulated points expire after 180 days (6 months) of inactivity of the account on the website www.apinfiore.com. Inactivity means no purchase or no coupon generated.
  • Each time new points are accumulated or a coupon is generated, the number of days of validity is brought back to 180 days.
  • The coupons generated, on the other hand, are valid for 30 days, they cannot be deleted e if not used within 30 days of their creation they are disabled and are no longer usable, effectively losing the discount generated.

For any information on collecting points you can write to commerciale@apinfiore.com

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