How does the hive work?

The queen bee, the drones and the worker bees coexist in the hive, each with a specific role to protect and contribute to the growth of the hive itself as a large family. That's how.

There is a hierarchy of bees within the hive in which each has a very specific role. L'Queen bee it is above everything and everyone and is the only bee capable of depositing eggs following fertilization. We all know that after mating with the queen bee, the males are called drones, they die but few know how mating takes place. The queen bee flies up to 15 meters in height and is followed by the male thanks to a pheromone that it releases during its flight. Mating takes place within a radius ranging from 3 to 16 kilometers from the hive. The drones have two important roles: that of mating with the queen bee and that of maintaining the temperature of the swarm, useful for survival. 

Finally, there are the worker bees, females but sterile. 

The worker bee has several roles within the hive that change as the days of life increase. On average, a bee lives from 40 days in the summer to 150 days in the winter. Unlike the queen bee, it has an average life span ranging from 2 to 5 years, based on the number of drones (the male bees) with which it mates.

In the first three days of life, the worker bee take care of the cleaning of the hive, then up to the tenth of the nutrition of the larvae of the drones and the queen bee. Then, the more delicate tasks begin such as guardians of the hive and the conservation of food.

The last very important task is the search for food and the pollen collection

The hive not only has a hierarchy and an organized structure but each one has its own useful task for everyone's survival!

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