Apinfiore, since 1980 natural and innovative products

Apinfiore is an Italian company that over the years has combined innovation and experience in the creation of natural products, unique and in step with market demands, to the tradition of an artisan craft.

Originally, the company was called Apicoltura Franco Fontanelli, an individual company and a passion for beekeeping that of Franco, inherited from his father Gino. Today, Apinfiore, which since 2012 has been managed by her daughter Azzurra and her husband Luca and since last year, has also been joined by her brother Raffaele is not only the result of family passion and experience but is a reference point for the production and marketing of hive products and products phyto-herbal quality.

From the beehive to medicinal herbs

Besides honey, royal jelly, propolis and pollen, Apinfiore offers food supplements and cosmetic lines made through formulas based on phyto-herbal preparations that have ingredients such as medicinal plants, oils and butters.

Apinfiore's philosophy is to offer natural, traceable products from the territory and the result of formulas tested over the years. A transparent and genuine path that can meet the needs of the whole family and support one natural lifestyle ed eco friendly

The well-being of people through supplements and restoratives such as pollen, honey or royal jelly in drinkable vials to supplement physical fitness or as an aid in seasonal changes. Non-alcoholic propolis to prevent and treat seasonal ailments and vegetable oils to enhance the well-being of skin and hair. But also infusions and herbal teas, candies and the line of vegetable soaps studied both in design and in the formulation and combination of ingredients.

Apinfiore and natural cosmetics

The lines of natural cosmetics o apicosmetica always based on the products of the hive, born in the Apinfiore laboratory, are the demonstration of the union between ancient recipes and innovation: mix at the base of the company's success. Each product is the result of a careful selection of raw materials from the hive and is characterized by the total absence of PEG, petrolatum, parabens and dyes. Apinfiore's natural cosmetics have been designed to combine the natural properties of beehive products with local herbs, essential oils and specific formulas able to give the skin tone and elasticity but also nourish and counteract the passage of time. An example is the innovative bee venom line which exploits all the properties of bee venom in nature in order to obtain benefits and results immediately visible on the skin of the face and body and always respecting nature and the bees themselves. The lines to nourish and protect the hair, essential oils, face cleansing mousse, hand cream and sun creams and sprays.

Apinfiore was born as a family business with the artisan experience of over forty years and a propensity for the future and growth also in the lines and products and in carrying on the Made in Italy. Local raw materials and high quality products able to guarantee a natural production suitable for everyone, even the little ones.

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