Wild Berries Infusion


The infusion with berries has antioxidant, refreshing and remineralizing properties.

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In addition to being rich in these important nutrients, red fruits acquire all their beneficial properties: they are in fact fruits with antioxidant, refreshing and remineralizing properties, pleasant both in winter drunk hot and in cold summer.

Fruit infusions, containing neither caffeine nor theine, can be drunk by anyone at any time of the day. Sip hot in the evening after dinner, they help digestion and induce pleasant relaxation; drunk cold in summer, they greatly reduce the sense of thirst. Also suitable for children, thanks to the considerable amount of vitamins.


Pack of 100gr.


Weight 100.00 g
Dimensions 0.00×0.00×0.00cm

Karkadè, dog rose, apple, flavors, blueberries, berries 2,5%, elderberry berries 2,5%, natural flavoring, calendula, cornflower.

For infusion at least 5 minutes in boiling water.

Keep away from light, humidity and odors.

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