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The APIDREN instant herbal tea is a blend of Italian honey and beneficial herbs for the body with a DRAINING action.

Green tea has slimming properties due to its ability to stimulate the metabolism. The presence of caffeine guarantees a stimulating action on the central nervous system, improving the state of attention and toning the body. Its slimming virtues are linked to caffeine, which helps to trigger the lipolytic process: the fat present in the body is broken down into simpler components and is more easily used and burned, for the benefit of the line. Green tea is an excellent diuretic, it facilitates the elimination of liquids from the body and cleanses the kidneys without alternating functions. It has a stimulating action on the digestive organs, primarily the intestine. Tannins exert an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action on the gastrointestinal mucosa in case of diarrhea. Stimulant, gastric disorders (hyperacidity, slow digestion), diarrhea, antioxidant coma, preventive of cardiovascular disorders, adjuvant in slimming diets. As needed, take a teaspoon of product two or three times a day diluted in hot water.

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Ingredients: Italian honey 95%, vegetable extract of: green tea 4%, concentrated lemon juice, or and lemon, in variable proportions.

To obtain the herbal tea, dissolve a tablespoon of product in a cup of hot or cold water. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

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