Passion and Tradition…

The beauty of stories is in their telling…
Ours is not only a story, it is a little fairytale…
Fairytales are a bit of a secret, and like recipes, they have ingredients that only experience and traditions can reveal...
Gino Fontanelli

Our roots go back many years ago when Grandfather Gino Fontanelli discovered the fascinating world of bees and all that their enchanted work could offer. His son, Franco Fontanelli, followed his father’s footsteps and became not only a skilled beekeeper but much more. Franco not only loves his work but he has always had a passion and intuition for business so he opened his own company, FRANCO FONTANELLI APICULTURE. Together with the production of honey, royal jelly and propolis and pollen, he decided to create his own line of cosmetics and food supplements using the precious gifts of beehives and medicinal plants, oils, butters and many other natural ingredients. For years, Franco tested every single formula to create high quality phyto-herbal products.

Franco’s daughter, Azzurra and her husband, Luca, soon became vital members of the family business in 2012. Azzurra and Luca’s main goals are to renew the company’s image, meet market demands, foster development and enhance their company’s brand while staying true to the precious and dedicated work inherited from the father.

The company’s name today is APINFIORE: each product comes from an inspiration and our sincere hope is that whoever purchases our products takes home a little piece of our company.

From Nature with Sweetness: “Honey’s Remedies”. From the beehive directly to you for the care of your Beauty and Wellness. The Fontanelli family has over 30 years’ experience in beekeeping and our passion for innovation produces high quality Italian handcrafted products for bee cosmetics and food supplements with natural products. In addition, Apinfiore sells pollen, royal jelly, propolis retail and wholesale - everything that comes from the enchanted world of bees. The sweetest of nectars for the care and wellbeing of your body.

We are always evolving and looking for innovative products while keeping faithful to our beekeeping tradition. Let us tell you something about our Beauty Line products and our Wellness Line products.

Beauty Care line

The original formulas of our products were created and tested in our laboratory many years ago. Today, Apinfiore cosmetics are a precious blend of ancient recipes and innovative formulas. We specialize in the fascinating world of bees and each one of our products contains precious raw materials from beehives as well as unique oils, butters and innovative ingredients. All our products are free from PEGs, NO PETROLEUM-BASED PRODUCTS, PARABENS AND COLORING AGENTS. Dermatologically Tested and Nickel Tested.

Wellness line

We have a wide range of Propolis products that are alcohol-free to prevent and naturally cure winter ailments such as coughs, colds and sore throats, suitable for children as well as adults. We have a line of vegetable-based Oils (vegan-friendly) for the care of skin and hair. We have an extraordinary Line of Teas, Tisanes and Infusions. We also carry a line of delicious candy drops made with beehive products and we have several types of Italian honey, Manuka Honey, Italian Pollen and Royal Jelly. Our line of plant and beehive products in handy drink pouches are especially suitable as natural energy supplements and much more!